Participating in creative projects is a great way to keep myself challenged and to grow as a photographer.

My current longterm projects are titled "Hobbies," "Faces of Memphis," and "120 Portraits." 

"Hobbies" will start very soon, it is a studio-based project using old medium format film cameras where people will perform their favorite activities in front of a studio backdrop with a minimalistic approach. All photographs will be performed with studio strobes, a Hasselblad 503cw medium format film camera and Kodak Film Portra 160 or Fuji Acros.

"120 Portraits" is a studio or location project using 120 Film for medium format cameras. Studio Portraits will be performed with a Hasselblad 503cw and Kodak Film Portra 160, and location portraits will be performed with available light, a Pentax 67 medium format film camera and Fuji Acros, Fuji Pro400H, or Ilford HP5  film.

"Faces of Memphis" is a street photography project where I try to capture informal portraits that can be candid or posed, film or digital, it all depends on what is available and the approachability of the subject.

If you are interested to participate in any of my projects please contact me and I will reply as soon as able. I can provide you with FREE, yes FREE, digital, retouched, non-watermarked portraits taken in a fun and laid back setting. You can choose if you want a Professional/Executive portrait for your CV or linkedin account or a Personal (Casual/Glamour/Fashion) portrait for social media or small prints. Just volunteer for "Hobbies" or "120 portraits" and you will get a frame-worthy portrait that you can share with  family and friends. 

Projects and More

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