Gus Alvarez is a contemporary realist painter living in the DFW metroplex area, that focuses on figurative art and portraiture.  He started painting 20 years ago and has gravitated towards oil as a medium during the last 10 years. Gus's aim is to bring his particular vision to his subjects, manipulating the environment, the values, hues and edges until he has captured the essence of what he wants to express.

"I usually start with a charcoal drawing of the subject, where I can explore my composition, judge scale and proportions correctly and then I transfer the drawing to a toned canvas. I work with layers of oil painting, usually between 2 and 4, defining the large shapes and values, each layer bringing extra refinement to the one underneath.

I hire local models for posing and to take my photographic references, which have become almost indispensable in modern times to create realistic paintings in the studio. When possible, I work from life, usually at the early and late stages of a painting. For portraiture commissions, I prefer to take the photographs myself, unless I can be provided with professional quality photographs, in good lighting, that show different angles of my subject.

People, and in particular women, are by far my favorite subject. The human figure and the range of expressions and emotions that a face, body and hands can transmit, are and endless source of inspiration for me."

Gus Alvarez believes that we, as humans, crave to be connected, specially to our loved ones when distance or time have separated us. While nothing can entirely replace their presence, an original painting that truly captures the essence of that unique person, can bring joy and well-being to our daily life.  A wonderful figurative painting that has universal appeal, that expresses the beauty of the human figure, with emotion and sensibility can also elevate our spirits, and be a source of happiness to us all.

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